About us

Enbrite.ly stems from an evening of scribbling in March 2014. Our CEO, product manager, marketer, and client operations leads were then sharing ideas. Could they develop a tool capable of protecting the entire conversion funnel from fraud?

It’s a hard problem. But not insurmountable one: two of the four were veteran risk-managers who had successfully developed anti-fraud tools that were pivotal to safely scaling a small website into an Alexa top-100 entertainment behemoth.

The next evening they were joining forces with dmlab - the team of high profile data scientists that sold Radoop to Rapidminer the same year.

With a shared passion for tackling hard problems that matter, our team's drive propelled our vague concepts into a Slush 100-winning project six month later. With a goal: bringing back much needed transparency in online advertising.


Oszkár Rimóczi


István Nagy

Head of Product

Krisztián Kovács


Gergő Varga

Product Manager

Tamás Malindovszky


Balázs Vértes

Business Developer

Máté Gulyás


Gábor Nagy

Data Scientist

József Mészáros

Software Engineer

Attila Bódis


Viktor Lant

Client Success Manager

Ákos Szabó

Evangelist, DACH

Antónia Imre

Member of the Board

Riku Asikainen

Member of the Board

Michael Schuster

Member of the Board

Daniel Keiper-Knorr

Member of the Board

Our investors


SpeedInvest doesn’t stick to investing capital in world-class talent. It also provides entrepreneurial know-how and operational experience that are rare outside of places like Silicon Valley yet essential to building great companies.

Enbritely holding

Enbritely Holding is a consortium of angel investors from Europe and all over the world who came together during the Slush EBAN conference in Helsinki. The consortium counts more than 40 top international angels.

Evli bank plc

Evli is a Finnish investment bank. With 230 investment experts and 30 years in the business, Evli has a huge amount of expertise at its disposal. Evli manages over EUR 9.1 billion in client assets (March 2015)