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Fraud Detection

Get your display and video ads protected from Non-Human traffic and sophisticated ad fraud

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Brand Safety

Don’t let your carefully built brand be smeared with unfortunate associations

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Viewability measurement

Make sure that your ads were seen, and do it on your own terms – define "viewable" however you want

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Affiliate scoring

Know your partners, stop bad conversions and keep fraud out of the door

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Safe Media Buy

Bundle the best insights data can give with decades of expertise. Define "conversion" and we’ll get you right there with the best ROI

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About us

Enbrite.ly is a Budapest-based startup who won the first prize at Slush 100 in 2014. With a shared passion for tackling hard problems that matter, our team's vision is to develop a tool capable of protecting the entire conversion funnel from fraud. Our mission is bringing transparency in online advertising and improve our partners’ ROI.



Oszkár Rimóczi


Gábor Nagy


Members of the Board

SpeedInvest doesn’t stick to investing capital in world-class talent. It also provides entrepreneurial know-how and operational experience that are rare outside of places like Silicon Valley yet essential to building great companies.


Evli is a Finnish investment bank. With 230 investment experts and 30 years in the business, Evli has a huge amount of expertise at its disposal. Evli manages over EUR 9.1 billion in client assets (March 2015)


Enbritely Holding is a consortium of angel investors from Europe and all over the world who came together during the Slush EBAN conference in Helsinki. The consortium counts more than 40 top international angels.


Over the years Enbrite.ly has worked with clients in a broad range of industries. We work alongside all players in the digital ad and affiliate industries to get rid of malpractices.

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