Video Adfraud

Identifying fraudulent video traffic to improve ROI

High CPM video campaigns are ripe targets for abuse, invalid impressions hurt your budget even more than with regular display advertisements.'s Fraud detection for videos uncovers fraudulent activities that negatively affect the composition of your visitors and your advertising ROI.

Enbritely offers a custom solution to monitor Clients's video streaming partners and their domains for all kinds of video ad fraud.

Using our proprietary methodology, we identify and filter out impressions carrying no business potential. We determine whether your video ad was seen by an actual human user or has fallen victim to fraudulent activity carried out by organized human or bot actions.

While the former can be nurtured and nudged towards actions carrying financial benefits, the latter should be eliminated from your system.

Measure and validate any video campaign using VAST/VPAID compatible video creatives to know if your resources were actually spent on valuable impressions by humans.

Receive valid, instantly usable feedback on your creative production as well - it’s one thing to know if your ads were watched until the end most of the times, but this key production KPI can change a lot when you discover that it is bots who are the most interested - and humans disengage earlier.

Our Video impression quality validation provides

  • Traffic quality insights
  • Scoring on the desired aggregation levels
  • Alerts and actionable insights
  • Ability to prevent Non-Human Traffic

  • How are we different from other solutions?

  • Easy integration
  • Straightforward, actionable reporting
  • State-of-the-art algorithms
  • VAST 2.0/3.0 and VPAID compatible tracking
  • Ready to eliminate non-human traffic and start improving your ROI?

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