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At we aim to help actors of online ad markets who believe in fair business, ridding the ecosystem of malpractice through our advanced user behavioural analysis.

The company was founded in early 2014 by a group of seasoned anti-fraud veterans, marketing people and big data nerds. In six months, we went from crude sketches on a piece of paper to investment-worthy product with paying customers and won the Slush 100 pitching competition. After this EUR 500,000 start-up competition prize, we were able to secure an additional EUR 250,000 from Austrian SpeedInvest, Evli Bank plc and a consortium of angel investors (Enbritely Holding).

The enbritely tracker is now ticking under several million ad impressions daily, monitoring purchased inventory for signs of both server-side fraud schemes and botnet activity. We are working closely with advertisers, media agencies, advertising networks and publishers to prevent online advertising fraud. Almost 40% of online ads are fraudulent, with bots being the viewers instead of humans. This amounts to USD 41 billion in fraud each year. Our clients achieve a higher ROI and income by capturing and eliminating non-human traffic and unviewable sources. Their advertising portfolio becomes crystal clear, which helps renewal decisions.

Product Development: Budapest

Head Office UK: London

DACH/CEE Business Development: Vienna

Awards & Recognition

"Slush 100 Pitching Competition" - Helsinki, 19 November, 2014

"Startup Sauna Budapest" - Budapest, 22 September, 2014

"Pioneers Unplugged Budapest #5" - Budapest, 16 September, 2014

“CES Awards 2015” (Shortlisted - Hungary) - Budapest, 9 September, 2015

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Slush winning pitch, 2014



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