Do you want fight robots and help us clean the online advertisement industry? Do you want to work at one of the most promising hungarian startups? Join us at enbrite.ly!

If you ...

- are devops orientated. We believe in “we write it, we run it”.
- can demonstrate either personal or professional experience in software development.
- want to analyze and solve programming tasks independently and pro-actively
- are willing to learn fast and pick up new things easily
- want to use the latest and buzzword technologies

Ping us at jobs@enbrite.ly

Working with us you can use hot technologies in production on a TB-scale system. You choose your own tools, you have independence and we trust you you can come up with the right solution. We have a no-blame culture but you are expected to learn and improve.
Our current toolbox includes AWS, Hadoop, Spark, Go, Python, Java, Javascript, React, Vagrant, Terraform, Packer, Consul (Hashicorp stack), Ansible. We believe in service oriented approach and aggressive automation.