Affiliate Select

Stopping fraudulent affiliates with a bespoke service

One of the often overlooked drawbacks of running an affiliate program is that marketers often don’t havethe right metrics to avoid being misled by partners.

While your shared goals should be the same, they might have different ideas about honest practices and look for easy wins, damaging your business. These affiliates also hinder your ability to identify key partners you should focus on for future growth.

Most affiliate platforms offer some basic protection from known fraudsters - but keeping a watchful eye on their behavior once within your ecosystem is key to shielding your profits from undue payouts.

With its newest service, is ready to make your program more attractive and your revenue soar. ith our Affiliate Select system you can catch and reject bad conversions when they happen to weed out undesirable sources. We help you concentrate your efforts on partners with the best ROI and scale your campaigns easily without committing additional resources or sacrificing quality.

Key benefits of our Affiliate Select

  • Check partner ROI and ARPU
  • Stop fraud at your doorstep
  • Improve your reputation
  • Identify your best affiliates/li>
  • Detect incentivized traffic
  • Curb chargeback rates below 1%
  • Eliminate undeserved payouts and save as much as 20% of your marketing budget

  • Our Affiliate Select provides

  • Automated and customizable affiliate scoring system
  • Daily conversion and ROI analysis
  • Deep insights to performance of campaigns down to the domain level
  • Graphic overview and detailed reports on a dashboard
  • Periodic or threshold based e-mail alerts
  • API integration to your in-house system
  • Ready to protect your brand by avoiding bad online neighbourhoods and unwanted associations?
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